About us

Hailsun Chemical was established in 1973, has been continued to make product diversification. Hailsun is famous for auxiliaries for textile dyeing and printing, especially for acid dye fixatives and aqueous polyurethane resin products.

The achievements of Hailsun is attributed to R&D team and technical service specialists. Hailsun devote to “Research & develop for marketing application, Improve for customer needs and expectations”.

Based on this principle, Hailsun has been strengthening R&D abilities, improving quality levels of products, expending production facilities and implementing technical services.


  • 2020 ISO 45001:2018 certified by BSI
  • 2019 ISO 14001:2015 certified by BSI
  • 2017 ISO   9001:2015 certified by BSI 
    Hauning Hailsun Chemical Industry Company was renamed as Hauning Hailsun New Material Industry Company
  • 2016 Bluesign® certified and Hailsun Chemical is being Bluesign® system partner
  • 2010 Expending production facilities
  • 2008 Become Clariant's foundry
  • 2003 Won the SBIR of Economic department
    Hauning Hailsun Chemical Industry Company founded
  • 2002 Developing the China market
  • 2001 Aqueous polyurethane resin products for fiber were successfully developed
  • 2000 Set up ERP and Information Management System
  • 1999 E-ray Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. founded
  • 1998 Set up R&D Department for aqueous polyurethane resin products
  • 1997 Development of Bulk Pharmaceuticals
  • 1996 Imported the automatic warehouse management system
  • 1995 Development of photo chemical
  • 1990 Invest in dye factory from Thai and Indonesian
  • 1986 Set up R&D Department
  • 1973 Hailsun Chemical Co., Ltd. was established

Quality Policy

“Research & develop for marketing application, Improve for customer needs and expectations”

Base on

  • Collect the feedback of interested parties, then analyzing and accessing the related risks and opportunities to improve the performance of management system and reach the goal of business continuity
  • Manage the resources to enhance the competitiveness
  • Encourage, direct and support the employee’s function development to promote the effectiveness of management system
  • Establish a long-term friendly relationship with suppliers to face marketing challenge together.

to develop the products continuously meet in customer needs, and provide the service for customers’ satisfaction.

EHS Policy

1. Comply with applicable EHS laws and regulations, and the needs of other interested parties.

2. Train all employees to enhance the awareness, involvement and ability of EHS, provide a channel for employees to consult and communicate.

3. Establish chemical management to control raw materials and products, audit suppliers regularly to prevent the risk from hazardous substances of raw materials. Consider the life cycle of the product when product development to decrease environmental impact.

4. Select good contractors and outsourcing to ensure they comply with regulatory and related EHS requirements.

5. Implement hazard identification and risk management to eliminate hazards, reduce risks and impacts from occupational safety and environment.

6. Provide good workplace, reduce workplace injuries and incidents, maintain health and safety of employees.

7. Establish an effective EHS system, continuous improvement, enhance EHS performance.

Sustainable Development Policy

Commitment while reaching the goal in our operations, prior to protect the environment and employees’ safety and health

  • use a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and employees’ safety and health
  • undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • support the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

Compliance with the international and Bluesign® regulation of hazardous substance

  • establish and maintain an appropriate control of finished products including verification of the BSSL, RoHS or other international regulation compliance
  • establish a rating system for suppliers to ensure source control and prevent the risk of hazardous substance

Organization Chart

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